At Greenlands State School, our purpose is to provide the best educational outcomes for every student in our school. Our school has a commitment to:

  • Students- we promote the best interests of students
  • Quality- doing the best we can
  • Accountability- we are prepared to accept personal accountability for our actions

  • Highly Experienced staff
  • Caring, friendly environment
  • Promoting self-discipline
  • Individualized learning
  • Strong family values
  • Multi-age classes
  • Small school setting
  • Innovative technology

The selection of the correct primary school is one of the most difficult and important decisions that a parent can make. It is widely recognised that a sound education is the foundation for future success.

Greenlands State School has an impressive reputation for combining innovative teaching methods with a caring approach and up to date technology to provide students with a great start to lifelong learning.

Situated on the Texas Road, approximately 12 kilometres west of Stanthorpe, the school was opened on this site on 3 November, 1924 and caters for children from both urban and rural properties. It draws enrolments from a wide variety of areas within the Granite Belt and Traprock districts.

Learning takes place in a self-disciplined, small school environment that encourages children to reach their potential. Our individualized programmes are a feature of the balanced curriculum offered by Greenlands.

Visitors to this highly regarded small school are amazed at the quality of work produced by students and the range of educational activities available to them.

Thanks to our supportive school community, our students participate in a wide variety of educational opportunities. Such activities include; extra curricular programme (eg: pottery, golf, archery, cooking), our technology programme with an approximate ratio of one computer for every three students, free swimming lessons and all student materials provided by the school.

Greenlands Primary is a member of the Granite Belt Community of State Schools.

This link connects viewers to the website for Department of Education, Training and Employment
This link connects viewers to the Greenlands SS Great Results Guarantee. The GRG is an agreement between state schools and the Department of Education, Training and Employment to improve learning outcomes for Queensland students.
This framework connects the elements of curriculum, environment, policy and community that enhance wellbeing for learning and life. It complements the exceptional work already happening in our school

This pdf document contains school data to meet the Annual Reporting Policy for all Queensland Schools. Data includes; curriculum offerings, staffing information and key student outcomes

  • Enrolment Processes

Greenlands SS is an enrolment managed school. The following link provides more information.

Details can also be accessed from the 'Facts' page

Potential enrolling families should contact the school for more information.

07 4683 6205
Fax 07 4683 6394
Address 1209 Texas Road,
Stanthorpe, Qld,
Australia, 4380



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